Syren Intimate Relief
Syren Intimate Relief

Syren Intimate Relief

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Why is this a MUST-HAVE?

🌺 PAIN RELIEF THAT LASTS FOR HOURS – This topical pain relief gel contains lidocaine. It is a local anesthetic that blocks out pain signals in the skin of the vulva, keeping you pain-free for several hours.

🌺 SOOTHING & MOISTURIZING – Syren is also a moisturizing gel that contains essential compounds which can help soothe burning and itching sensations while relieving dryness on the exterior vaginal area.

🌺 SMOOTH & SILKY TEXTURE – Forget about sticky ointments and creams. Intimate Relief is a lot easier to apply and it spreads smoothly on your skin. Once absorbed, you’ll forget you even used it!

🌺 SAFE TO USE – Apply the gel on your vulva as often as needed. No more waiting and no more enduring the pain until the proper time for application. It has no scent and it won’t stain your underwear.

🌺 RARELY NO SIDE EFFECTS – There may be a slight sting upon application but it is mild and brief. Use it as often as you want and you can rest assured that there will be no negative effects at all.