To this day, many women continue to suffer in silence from vulvodynia and pain during intimacy. The reluctance to broach this topic with loved ones or health professionals is a vestige of a historical norm. In the past, women who discussed anything regarding their sexual health, including the much-maligned and sensitive topic of pain during intimacy, were derided and shunned. Women were viewed as beings without the need for intimate pleasure, whose bodies existed only to bear and to serve. Thus, an open discussion of vulvodynia or female intimate pain was considered unnecessary and impolite.

Thankfully, times have changed, and women are increasingly forgoing this archaic societal stigma. Many women who once kept their pain to themselves are speaking up and openly discussing their experience with vulvodynia and painful sex. This is an important and empowering trend that has helped raise awareness and encouraged others to seek help and support.

In this new era of open conversation and greater understanding, some of the intricacies surrounding vulva and intimacy pain have been unraveled. We now know that vulvodynia or vulva pain is often a chronic condition that affects the vulva and the external female genitalia. It may cause burning, stinging, or stabbing pain in the vulva area, usually without an obvious cause. The pain can be constant or intermittent and can make activities like sex, tampon insertion, or sitting for long periods uncomfortable or painful.

During sex, hypersensitive, inflamed, or irritated nerves in the genital area may lead to increased or abnormal pain signals in response to touch or pressure. Furthermore, psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, and depression may influence how pain signals are processed and perceived, potentially exacerbating intimacy pain.

Among the groundbreaking treatments developed for vulva and intimacy pain in the last several years is SYREN INTIMATE RELIEF. SYREN is an odorless, over-the-counter topical pain relief gel that contains Lidocaine (a powerful local anesthetic) among other ingredients. The compounds in this unique formulation work together to modulate and block pain signals from aggravated nerve endings around the vulva and external vagina. SYREN can be applied on a regular basis for women who suffer from chronic vulva pain, or just before intimacy for others whose pain is only aggravated by sex.

If you think you may be suffering from vulvodynia, please speak with your healthcare provider. For more information about intimacy pain, please visit http://intimaterelief.myshopify.com

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